Type B Appliance Designing & Building

Gas Appliance Designing & Construction

4x Burner control box for 30m dryer powered by Honeywell
2x Burner control boxes for dryers powered by Krom Schroder
Gas timber dryers powered by siemens

The team at James Giles Plumbing can Design, Install, test and commission all types of burner control and combustion control switch boards and systems up to any size appliance. 

All our control panels and switch boards are purpose built to your application and tested in the workshop before installing and commissioning at your location. Our burner controls fully comply with all the Australian Gas and Electrical Safety Standards. 

Our burner controls can be designed for ease of fault finding and come with FULL as constructed wiring diagrams and easy to source parts if problems arise. 

All conditions are not the same and we build the control boxes to suit your conditions. (e.g. inside, outside, dusty, wet, foodgrade) 

We can also do on site burner management upgrades, when modifications are needed to be made to the existing burner controls. 

We offer a full turn key solution to your next gas appliance install or upgrade.  

Burner controls we supply, install and maintain

  • Krom Schroder
  • Siemens
  • Lamtec 
  • Honeywell
  • Seavis - (Saacke)
  • Durag
  • Hegwein 
  • Dungs
  • Brahma
  • Fireye
  • Maxon Smart Fire 
  • Smitsvonk
  • And much more!
2x Small Dryer Burner Controls powered by Siemens
Custom Nut dryer powered by Honeywell

Old Appliance Upgrades & Conversions

New upgrade on old appliance
Gas appliance upgrades and conversions

Most factories can not afford to buy new appliances, Enter the team at James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd we can help with all your gas and electrical upgrades on any gas appliance. We can also help with control upgrades and energy efficiency audits and upgrades on these appliances. 

James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd can also work in with site engineers and electricians at large processing plants to achieve these upgrades if needed. 

The team at James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd also work with other appliance suppliers/builders if and when needed as requested by the client or the appliance supplies. 

We also perform installation and commissioning work for appliance suppliers and gas supply companies when requested. 

Stationary Gas Fired Engines & Gensets

All Brands of Gas Fired Stationary Engines & Gensets

The team at James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd has had years of experience in Installing, altering, commissioning, servicing, maintaining and certifying all types of Gas Stationary Engines and Gensets including LPG, LNG, Natural Gases and Bio Gases for power generation and back-up power upto 50 Gj/h. 

We also perform 12 monthly gas safety services on theses engines as required by the Australian Standards.

(All areas of Queensland/NSW)

New CAT engine

Rural & Remote Type B Gas Services  

Our Type B gas specialists can help with:

Designing, Installing, altering, commissioning, servicing, maintaining, removing and certifying all types of LPG, Natural Gas dryers including custom made dryers.

These dryers maybe direct or indirect fired, single or multi zone, stationary, mobile or rotating dryers. These dryers include but are not limited too grains, nuts, fruits, salt, ginger, herbs, coffee, other foods, sands, pharmaceuticals, meals (blood & bone), cloths, timber and paper etc

These appliances and systems can include but not limited too boilers, crackers, dryers, scare guns, cookers, water heaters, Stationary gas engines etc.

Fruit Dryer
Remote Grain Dryer

Gas Services for Commercial Ships & Vessels 

James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd now offers gas services to the seafood and aquaculture industries this includes factory outlets, docks, fish markets and commercial fishing vessels and ships with fleet discounts available at port and docking times. These services include but not limited to designing, installing, commissioning, certifying, repairing and servicing all commercial type B crab and prawn cookers and gas systems. 

"Owners and masters of all ships have obligations or duties placed on them to ensure their ships are safe and operated safely. This is imposed by the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 and the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012. It is also imposed by the Queensland Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Regulation 2004, section 100. Owners of a commercial vehicle or vessel must ensure the gas fuel system in the vehicle or vessel is inspected and has a Gas Inspection Certificate or an interstate Gas Inspection Certificate issued in relation to it, for at least every 12 month period.

Commercial/fishing ships are required under the Uniform Shipping Laws Code (USL Code) section 5 part 9 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Installation), NSCV part C section 5 subsection 5C (LPG Systems for Appliances), Australian Standard 5601.2 2013, to comply regarding the installation, testing and retention of Gas Inspection Certificates". It is also a requirement that Industrial gas fired appliances "Type B Gas Appliances" MUST have gas safety/maintenance checks and heated air samples taken every 12 months (Australian Standards 3814 2009) These do include Commercial crab and prawn cookers.

These services are available for Queensland only.
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