Steam Boiler Installation & Services


Gas fired boiler

The staff at James Giles Plumbing offer all:

Installing, altering, commissioning, servicing, maintaining, removing and certifying all brands and types of; LPG, Natural Gas and Bio-gas fired Boilers, Bio Mass Boilers with Gas Fired cold start, Oil fired boilers with Gas Pilots, Multi-gas/multi-fuel fired boilers, Light and Heavy Oil Boilers, Diesel Boilers, Coal Boilers etc. 

We also perform 5 weekly/ 3 monthly boiler inspections/services and 12 monthly boiler Inspections, Maintenance and overhauls including boiler tube cleaning and camera inspections on boiler tubes if needed. 

(All areas of Queensland and NSW)

The team at James Giles Plumbing understand the importance of reliable steam or water boilers thats why we offer a wide range of services for our customers these include but are not limited too: 
  1. New Gas Boilers
  2. Reconditioned Gas Boilers
  3. Gas Boiler Installations and Commissioning
  4. Boiler Inspections
  5. Boiler Maintenance/Servicing/Breakdowns
  6. Boiler Tube Cleaning
  7. New Gas Burner Upgrades 
  8. Gas Burner Servicing
  9. Steam Systems including chests, maniflods, valves, pipework etc. 
  10. 3 monthly and 12 monthly boiler services 
  11. Burner Tune-ups and flue gas tests 
  12. Burner management upgrades 
James Giles Plumbing does not manufacture steam or hot water boilers, how ever we can source these boilers suited for your process and budget from all over the world. 
Please remember we offer pressure welding of steam systems, Plumbing, electrical and control programing which means we can offer turn key packages on all boiler upgrades/new installs/shifting of boilers or plant rooms. 
Boiler Plant rooms

Appliance Combustion Tune Up's and analysis 

Is your Water or Steam boiler running efficiently? 

All our technicians are fully equipped to tune your boilers/plant to a safe and efficient combustion it is very important to have a correctly tuned boiler to minimize risk to your business and plant as incomplete combustion will result in poisonous and explosive carbon monoxide, formation of soot and foul heating surfaces are also products of incomplete combustion this also will reduce efficiency of your boiler. Poorly tuned boilers can result in wasted operating fuel costs in some cases exceeding well over 4% annually, this could result in tens of  thousands of dollars in extra running costs a year!

The team at James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd can also do a steam and hotwater audit of your system these audits can also help with reducing the cost of running plant and equipment. 

Gas fired boiler

Boiler Burner & Control Upgrades 

New LP Gas Boiler

Burner Upgrades 

The team at James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd can upgrade your existing old boiler burner and controls to efficient state of the art burners, depending upon your budget and price range these burners can start at single fuels and advance to multi fuels firing at the same time. 
Using alternative waste fuels over costly fuels. 
Special emphasis on the use of alternative fuels with by-products or residues from industrial processes with both high and low heat values. In this manner residues and industry waste replace fossil fuels, saving energy and disposal costs.

These burners can be run with one or more fuels depending upon the by-products/wastes at the plant and the main fuel source available onsite, these could include but not limited to:

- Natural Gases, Bio-gases, LP Gases, other gases including vent gases 
- Light Oils and Heavy Oils 
- Waste Oils and Bunker Oil
- Animal fats 
- Molasses 
- Diesel and Bio-diesel 
- Wood dust & wood pellets 

Boiler control upgrades 

James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd can upgrade your boiler controls to suit your budget and requirements. James Giles Plumbing Pty Ltd can supply and install the following control units:

  • Se@vis Programable Burner Management systems
  • Siemens Programable Burner Management systems (LMV's)
  • KromSchorder BCU Programable Burner Management systems
  • Lamtec Programable Burner Management Systems 
  • Other Burner controls are available upon request. 

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